[Video] You’ll Never Waste Half An Hour Cleaning Your Headlights With This 3-Minute Headlight Cleaning Technique.

If your detailer or you’re a detailer who spends more than 20 minutes cleaning your headlights, then you’re wasting time. And if you’re using sandpapers to remove the grime, then you’re destroying your headlights. This video guarantees you 3 minutes to clean each headlight. You can save up more time to fix other parts of your car.

More car owners complain about how long it takes for detailers to clean their headlights. If you’re a car owner who has time to spare or a detailer who looks for ways to maximize time, you’re on the right place.

This video shows how simple and quick it is to clean your headlights and even taillights! It even goes in detail about how bad using sand paper and other techniques are and how they actually damage the headlight rather than restore it. Take a minute and watch the video in the next page to see how quick and easy it actually is to do.

source: Sweet Project Cars

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