[Video] Let’s Put On Our Gear For Splitting Firewood And Learn The Quickest, Safest, And Fastest Way To Divide Those Logs.

You can whack the big pieces of firewood with your ax all day, but you won’t be able to even halve it. However, if you will hammer your ax like a nail, then you will be able to progress.

Don’t pretend that you are superman as you forcefully whack your firewood friend, but instead tap it and use your ax as a wedge. Do not waste your energy by using a humongous maul in cutting your wood or by using your brute force to whack the log.

You just need to understand the fact that rounds of wood are all the same regardless of its size and shape. The man on the video will teach you the process to efficient firewood splitting. Now, ready your ax and cut those rounds of firewood.

source: Harry D

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