A Resourceful Way To Have A Charger: How To Make Your Own 12-Volt Battery Charger.

This is not an extensive DIY project. Rest assured that you will not need to dabble with advanced electronic tinkering here. For hardcore enthusiasts, you might be disappointed. But for regular and/or newbie DIYers who do not like dealing with complicated electronics, then this video is for you.

To proceed with this project, you will need a laptop charger or any AC to DC adapter that goes above the voltage and amperage that you need. Then, the next item that you need is a step down module, which you can buy from your local electronics store or hobbyist shop.

To complete the project, you also need to have a wire cutter, voltmeter/ammeter or multimeter, and alligator clips. Once you’ve procured all the needed materials and tools, finishing this DIY project is a breeze. Still, even if this is a simple electronics project, be careful when tinkering with electricity.

Image source: Steve Willson Kujur

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