[Video] Car Paint Scratch Gone in 3 Minutes. Here’s How.

A car’s paint job adds a lot to its value and aesthetics. You can be driving a new car but if it’s full of scratches, don’t expect it to turn heads. An old car will look more attractive with a nice, shiny, flawless coat of paint. Even a single scratch can be quite an eye sore.

Modern car paint has undergone quite a revolution the past few decades. It’s more resistant to fading and flaking usually caused by harsh sunlight. But even the clear coat might not be enough to protect the paint from minor scratches. When it happens, it’s time to take action.

Fortunately, cleaning and protection products for car paint also have benefited from the latest technologies. Getting rid of minor scratches on your own using these products and tools is now possible. That is what this DIY tutorial video will show you. Watch and learn how it’s done.

source: Sweet Project Cars

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