A Craftsman’s Handy Guide To Finding The Center Of A Wooden Circle.

Wood circles are a versatile part of many woodworking projects. They can be used as an important part of a homemade tool; they can also serve as intricate touches in a finished wooden work of art. No matter how a craftsman wishes to use it, he must possess one critical skill in working with wood circles — finding its precise center.

Drilling holes into wood circles may be helpful in joining them together with other parts of a wooden work. But the dilemma of pinpointing the exact center of a wood circle has made several people scratch their heads in dismay. Products to help the craftsman locate the wood circle’s center are available in the market.

But think about it: Do you really need a separate tool just to find that center where you’ll drill a hole? Isn’t there an easier, DIY way to do it? Actually, there are various methods to find a circle’s center manually, and you’ll learn about the easiest ones here.

Image source: Tomahawk DIY

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