5 Cool Clamp Hacks For Your Woodworking Projects.

If you are into woodworking, you know that clamps are one of those essential tools that you should always have in your arsenal. Be it for holding wood pieces together or to keep a piece from moving while sawing through it. That’s why it’s not unusual to have more than one clamp set in your toolbox.

But there are actually hacks that you can do with clamps to make working through your projects faster and more efficient. These are tips that some master woodworkers have learned through years of experience in working with various projects presenting different issues.

In this video, you will learn five useful hacks that you can do with clamps. Two of those hacks are making a board glue-up alignment clamp and how you can make your own wooden clamp extensions. Are you ready to learn how to use those clamps to make your work easier? Watch this video.

Image source: WoodWorkWeb

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