Eight Money Saving Woodworking And Handyman Hacks You Need To Know!

For some reason, whenever you need a pilot hole drilled, the right sized drill bit is never around. Sometimes when you’re gluing wood together you’ll run out of clamps, or perhaps you need to drill a 90 degree hole and don’t have access to a drill press. This video will show you eight useful hacks that will teach you how to improvise when the right tools aren’t available. This video will show you a variety of extremely useful tips. Check it out.

DIY video: Eight Money Saving Woodworking and Handyman Hacks You Need To Know!

DIY_Hacks 8 money saving handyman4Image source: izzy swan

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  • February 11, 2015 at 7:14 am

    I learned from a handyman once a good way to remove a screw from something when the threads were no longer catching. If you use a power drill and the screw just spins in place when you try to back it out, just put the edge of a credit card or some other firm flat piece of plastic up against the screw shank to catch the threads and the screw backs right out. Of course it won’t work on screws where the threads don’t go all the way up to the head.


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