Get The Best Out Of Your Tool With Nine Angle Grinder Hacks.

Angle grinders are known for perfect abrasive cutting. These tools excel at removing unwanted metals from a piece, but its ability doesn’t stop there. Since angle grinders use abrasive disc than can be removed, you can attach other discs such as quick strip disc to transform angle grinders into a paint stripper that can also take away rust.

You can also use angle grinders to turn your couplings into smooth allen heads. The rotational power of angle grinders can also be utilized to create wood lathes and granulated grinder. It’s perfect if you only need them for one-time use and you don’t want to spend money on them. You can also attach different contraptions on your angle grinder to help you produce a less messy and straight cut.

These tips and hacks are not included in the manual, and some processes are not easy to recreate so check the video first to get the full potential out of your angle grinders.

Image source: Mr Maker

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