9 Tips To Choosing the Right Hammer.

What You Need To Know To Nail Down A Great New Hammer Purchase.

There are few tools more commonly known and used than the hammer. More than just a simple device used to pound in and remove nails, it can help you do everything from hanging pictures to installing drywall to setting and splitting bricks.

Choosing the right hammer for a specific job is the sign of a good DIYer. Hammers are designed with different heads and different weights for a reason. It is important to be able to recognize when a more specialized tool is needed.

9_Most_Common_Misconceptions_About_Hammers0image: popularmechanics

Every homeowner and DIYer has at least one hammer and generally assumes that it is perfectly adequate to handle all jobs. But it can be impractical and even unsafe to use a hammer on a job for which it was not designed. This article will show you the 9 most common misconceptions about hammers.

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