[Video] A T-Shirt In A Tuna Can: How To DIY Emergency Fire Starter.

Although most carry a lighter to get things fired up in the great outdoors, it’s still smart to have a backup source for fire-starting, like char cloth, just in case. A few cut pieces of cotton jersey and a tin will give you just that.

For this project, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your kids’ clothes and a can of tuna to make some high-quality fire starter! Here’s how to make a great batch of char cloth to add to your emergency survival kit. Char cloth is fire-starting tinder that has the ability to capture and hold a spark amazingly well, and for a considerable amount of time.

If fuel sources are wet, or conditions are windy, tea lights can boost a new fire and increase the chance of it taking hold. Watch this amazing video and learn how to build a DIY emergency fire starter.


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