Create An Adjustable Routing Template System.

Thinking about getting a Festool MFS Multi-routing Template System? Save your money because here, you can learn how to make something really similar. You can customize it to make it loaded with T-tracks and fit clamps from both sides—and with pocket-screw bolts, it becomes infinitely adjustable. With a loaded router, you can make awesome cut-outs from wooden surfaces.

This do-it-yourself adjustable routing template requires plywood, a linear sander for smoothing out surfaces, quick clamps, screw clamps, clamping elements, a router, keyhole router bits for the clamp slots, a mitre saw, a grip block, a pocket hole jig, machine screws and hex nuts.

Making the parts takes up most of the time, but the assembling part is really easy. The whole process can go wrong in many ways without proper guidance, so you’ll have to watch how it is done first before making an adjustable routing template for yourself.

Image source: Toolify

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