Turn Old Car Parts Into A DIY Air Compressor.

An air compressor is a very versatile tool that can have many uses in your workshop. You can use it to inflate things like tires and inflatables, as accelerator for abrasive materials in sandblasting, or form simple cleaning. Having one around should help you in a lot of tasks.

There are ready made air compressors available from your local home depot or from a hardware shop. Air compressors are rated according to the maximum pressure that it can handle and put out and is measured in pounds per square inch or psi. The higher the psi, the more expensive is the air compressor.

But you don’t really have to spend a fortune if you need an air compressor. Basically, you just need a motor to compress the air, a container to hold the compressed air, a gauge to measure the air pressure, a hose for the air output, and a nozzle with control. Some of these parts can be found in old car parts. Watch the video to learn how.

Image source: Made in Poland

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