This DIY Air Crete Machine Won’t Cost More Than $30.

Construction has come a long way since the building of the pyramid in Egypt. There have been a lot of changes in both the methods and the materials in building houses and buildings. Advances in technology have given birth to building materials that overshadow concrete because of the benefits gained from using them.

One such material is the AirCrete. It’s non-toxic, lightweight material that is easy to use and apply. It’s also cheap to make, unlike cement which has to be mined. Other advantages of AirCrete are it is fireproof, waterproof, and insect proof. That’s why it has become a favorite among builders.

Applying AirCrete, however, requires special tools. For professional construction workers, some of these equipment can cost $500 or more. But what if there’s a way to make one but will only cost you $25 to $30? That is what the author of this DIY tutorial video will show you.

Image source: Honey Do Carpenter

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