Save Up On Heating Costs With This DIY Aluminum Solar Air Heater.

The last quarter of the year not only means Christmas and Thanksgiving, but also freezing temperatures and the need for efficient home heating. Today, most heating units are expensive when bought from the store. Even so, there are always alternative ways to get heating for your home. One of those ways is to make your own solar air heater.

This DIY video features the steps you need to build your own DIY solar-powered aluminum air heater which you can use to heat your home, what materials you’ll need and how you can start building this useful project.

build_a_diy_aluminium_solar_air_heater-1image source: James Biggar

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One thought on “Save Up On Heating Costs With This DIY Aluminum Solar Air Heater.

  • January 7, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    I built one about three years ago. Not really impressed with the one in the video. Mine uses aluminum cans as the heat sink. Fits into a window and is angled to match the winter sun angle in my area. No fan and yet it has a nice air flow and manages to raise interior air temp. by as much as fifty degrees as soon as it gets sun exposure. All made of layers of foil faced foam, construction glue, caulking, and a piece of green house corrugated acrylic. No need of trim or screws just some aluminum duct tape that has held up for years and is simple to replace if needed.


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