Details On How To Tie Mid-Line Loops And Anchors.

Remember those scouting days when you had to learn how to tie different knots for different purposes? You might not have realized then that you will need those knots when you camp out. Some of those knots might seem a bit more complex than your regular square knot, but they can be really useful in certain situations.

Knowing the proper knot to use in different scenarios will make building and breaking camp a lot faster and easier. A bowline, for example, is a good knot to use when anchoring on a tree because when it’s done, it won’t tighten down even when pulled hard.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you a few essential knots that you can use when camping out. These are pretty basic knots and the steps are easy to follow. Although simple, these knots can make your camping tasks easier. Watch the video to learn how to tie these knots.

Image source: Corporals Corner

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