From Grinding Tools To Sharpening Tools—A Very Convenient Life Hack.

Angle grinders are useful, but “how useful” you may wonder. Well, apparently, someone found a cool, new way to transform an angle grinder into a drill bit sharpener. And we can’t complain. It actually looks pretty cool! With a single angle grinder and some basic handyman materials lying around in your workshop, drill bits can be sharpened, after all?

Instead of spending another 30 or 40, or even over 200 dollars on an actual drill bit sharpener that only does one job, you can just follow this easy tutorial of turning your old, boring angle grinder into a cool, multipurpose tool that can be used for grinding, polishing, AND sharpening, without the extra expenses.

Finishing this project on your own will most certainly result in an upgraded angle grinder, a DIY drill bit sharpener, a satisfied savings account, and a sense of pride for the creative handyman in yourself. See the full video for more details.

Image source: Mistry MakeTool

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