Polish That Newly-sawed Wood Using An Angle Grinder.

If you are into woodworking you’ll know the importance of polishing the edges of newly-sawed wood. More so if you used a really rough cutter like a chainsaw to cut through a log. The edges will be full of splinters and won’t be good to look at unless you’re planning to use it as firewood.

You can go hard core and do it with a sand paper but if you have an angle grinder in your arsenal, you can do it faster and more efficient. The angle grinder is a versatile tool that you can use to polish different materials like wood, metal, ceramic, porcelain and others.

In this case, you can use your angle grinder to polish or even shape that newly-cut log. There are different attachments you can use in your angle grinder depending on the task at hand. For roughly cut wood, you can start with a sand paper disc with a lower grit. Let’s watch the video.

Image source: Mitchell Dillman

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