DIY Rugged Antenna That Will Only Cost You At Least $5 And A Few Minutes.

Cable fees are getting more expensive year every year. For example, DirecTV and AT&T just had a price hike this year. Also, with cable television, you get hundreds of channels you do not or cannot even watch. And if you check your cable bill, you will see additional fees like regional sports fee — and you do not even watch sports at that.

Anyway, it is best to stick with free television. Fortunately, most free local television broadcasts are in HD. You basically get the news and the typical programs without paying a cent. However, with today’s TVs, it is difficult to get the right amount of signal to enjoy television broadcasts without the dreaded reception problems. And getting it fixed by getting an antenna can be costly.

With at least $5, you can get the antenna you need without going through the lengthy and tiresome installation. All you need is a coaxial table, cutter, and insulation tape.

Image source: GuiaTVD

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