[Video] Fix An Old Grind Stone: Getting This Old Stone Grinder Back To Work.

Got an old stone grinder collecting dust? You can actually get it back to work. The first thing is to disassemble it. You’ll need to check for any lost or damaged screws. To take the wheel off, a lubricating spray gets it to spin again against the rust.

To get the wheel to spin freely, you have to manually spin it first repeatedly so it can spread the lubricator to the spaces. Once removed, a linear sander is used to even out the bumps and signs of age in the wheel’s surfaces, as well as the steel stand, and the steel handle protruding out of the stone grind.

Use a piece of wood as a stopper at the bottom to prevent any water leaking from the stand once in use. Assemble it once again by replacing the screws and making sure the evened out surfaces fit perfectly with the parts.

source: The Good of the Land

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