How To Transform Your Old Tabletop Using This Resin Technique.

The architecture of furniture design has evolved through time. During the old times, a classy mahogany table is in demand. Nowadays, it’s all about glass and sticking with a certain theme such as earthy, monochromatic, or marine. There are also furniture pieces with made of acrylic and the designs are made of resin.

In this video, it will be demonstrated how to transform an old tabletop purchased from a garage sale into an artic resin table! The metal piece of the table is fully intact, with minimal to no rust. However, its wooden tabletop has degraded over time. The DIY-er purchased an acrylic base with cracked ice design, secured the sides with wooden blocks, and filled the inside of the frame with a tabletop resin.

There is a wide range of bases that you can choose from, depending on the style of your choice. Watch the video for more information on how to choose the base and the resin and start your own table makeover!

Image source: Peter Brown

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