Making A Sturdy Coffee Table Using Ash Tree Boards.

If you’re looking for that classic and rustic look on your furniture, the go-to material is always wood. And if you’re into woodworking, you know how important it is to use the proper type of wood depending on the project.

One of the easiest furniture to work on is a coffee table because of the size. It’s also a piece that gets used often so you need to make it sturdy, especially if you have kids running around and climbing on tables and chairs. For this kind of project, you’ll need sturdy wood materials such as ash tree boards.

In this tutorial, the presenter will show you how to make a strong, sturdy coffee table using a couple of ash tree boards. This project will require intermediate woodworking skills but it should be easy enough for beginners who are looking for more challenging builds to work on.

Image source: HomeMade in Lviv

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