Tutorial: How To Clean Your Dirtbike’s Radiator Without Scrubbing.

A car’s radiator plays an essential part in keeping your vehicle up and running. As you know, the engine heats up as it runs. And a hot engine won’t run efficiently and will eventually break down. The radiator keeps the engine cool by blowing out the heat on the engine.

Since the radiator is exposed to elements like air and water, it will get dirty after some time. And when the radiator becomes really dirty, it will lose a lot of its efficiency and won’t be able to cool down the engine as much as it’s supposed to.

In order to keep your engine running efficiently, you need to be sure that your radiator is clean as well. The common technique is blowing pressurized water into it, using some detergent, and simply scrubbing away. Although this works, there’s actually a less tedious way to do the task. This DIY video tutorial will show you how.

Image source: Benbuilt4u

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