After Watching This Video, You Will Never Look At Automotive Wiring The Same Way.

Unlike the old times, having a car has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Also, modern cars rely heavily on electronics, making wirings more complex than ever before. And when wiring has gone bad, it’s time for replacement before it introduces even more issues.

Car electronics run on direct current. Wiring is on pairs, one for positive, the other for negative. You can buy twisted wires from your local electrical or automotive shop but they can be a bit impractical just for the fact that they are twisted together. If you feel like being robbed with the price tag, why not do it yourself?

This video will show you just how to do that. This is a simple trick but it works perfectly in twisting pairs of wires together. All you need is a power drill. You may use a wireless drill or a wired one. The result will look like a commercial twisted wire that you just bought off the store.

Image source: ChuckE2009

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