Be A Genius Car Owner With These 5 Awesome Life Hacks!

How often do you get frustrated because you can’t clean the AC vents in your car? Don’t have a cellphone holder in your car? Have you been trying to get rid of that mist forming on your windshield? These simple things are common problems with car owners, and sometimes the solutions don’t have to always include a visit to a car repair shop, or buying expensive tools.

What you need are these 5 awesome car hacks that’ll help you solve these common problems. With these car hacks, you’ll get to clean your AC vents, get rid of that moisture forming on your windshield, or even make your own DIY car cellphone holder without buying one.

The video on the Next Page contains all these helpful tips, and more.

5_awesome_car_life_hacks-1Image source: DaveHax

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