How To Make An Axe Wedge Press Using A Bottle Jack.

One of the main problems that axe owners encounter with their axes is when they hit the wedge too hard with a hammer that its top part splits open. In this video, it will be demonstrated how to fix a wedge split using a DIY hydraulic press.

The hydraulic press is manually operated and made from a bottle jack. A bottle jack is a compact hydraulic piston that is shaped like a small bottle. It can be used to lift heavy objects such as rods and cars.

The hydraulic press will be used to insert a thin piece of wood between the wedge split. The wood closes the split and enforces the strength of the axe. Watch this video to know how to fix your axe and make your own manual hydraulic press. It is a 2-in-1 DIY project that anyone can execute on their own. The tools used will also be shown.

Image source: Will Matthews

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