Amazing Chalk line And Tape Measure Holder Tool: Understanding How A V-Line Clamp Works.

This is not exactly a DIY video. However, if you are not aware of using a string and chalk as a line marker in woodworking, then this video will teach you what it is and how you can use it — and you’ll find that it’s a pretty useful tool for your woodworking toolkit.

You can also turn this on a DIY project. The V-line clamp can be easily created in your workshop. Just get a piece of wood and sculpt it like the V-line clamp. Then, get a strong spring or clip, and you’ve got yourself a nice string and chalk marker clamp.

On a different note, the video itself is fun and amusing to watch. You’ll find yourself chuckling at the voiceover while being schooled on the many things this product can do. It tries to sell itself as the most innovative thing after the computer was invented. Anyway, have fun watching the video!

Image source: vlineguy

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