Learn How To Make A Basic Wooden Stool With The Awesome Technique!

Woodworking is heavily based on skills and practice. If you are interested to invest your time and patience on it, you need to know the basics, techniques and tricks to guide you. You will also need projects in which you can practice applying your knowledge. One of the most common projects in woodworking is a shop stool. It is a simple wooden stool with a half lap joint to make it sturdier.

In this video, the process of making a basic shop stool will be demonstrated. The base of the stool uses the half lap joint technique. This technique helps in supporting, making the stool stronger. It is one of the easiest techniques to do as well. Half of the material will be removed and in place of the removed piece, another material will be placed.

Mathematically, the first material is halved, yet a whole new material is placed to replace the missing part. Watch the video to learn more about this technique and start your own shop stool!

Image source: Steve Ramsey

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