Woodwork Skills: The Basic Uses Of A Combination Square.

Carpentry and woodworking are skills that can help you save money either by doing projects for your own use or selling them to other people. And in order to simplify the tasks involved, tools have been invented to make measuring and marking easier. One of these tools is the combination square.

For those not familiar with the combination square, the tool may look weird and confusing to use. But if you put in some time to learn more about this tool, it will greatly help you in your projects because the combination square, by the name itself, combines a few measuring tools into one.

This video will show you just a few of the ways that you can use this tool to reduce your measuring and marking efforts as you don’t have to switch between different tools. There are other ways to use the combination square, but the knowledge you gain in this video should be enough to get you started.

Image source: Classic Work

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