[Video] Tips And Tricks: How To Use A T-Bevel For Your Projects.

Do you have a sliding t-bevel on your tool stash? It’s a simple tool that is used for measuring and setting angles. The t-bevel is a useful tool for several kinds of woodwork that requires you to cut plywood pieces of varying angles.

Your t-bevel is an adjustable tool that comes with either a plastic or wooden handle. A metal blade is connected to the handle’s edge through a small wing nut or thumbscrew. These connectors allow the blade to be rotated around at any angle you wish. You can also lock the t-bevel in a desired angle by simply twisting the wing nut or thumbscrew.

A t-bevel is an essential tool in woodwork, and you can do a lot of things with it. Learn the basics of t-bevel use with this short video that contains simple, straightforward explanations and demonstrations. You’ll see how t-bevels can ensure the accuracy of your angular wood measurements for your various projects.

source: Classic Work

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