Create Your Very Own Battery Spot Welder With Cost-effective Materials.

Rebuilding battery packs utilize batteries while maintaining its great quality at an affordable price. However, buying the solder that is used to build a pack might be really costly. A brand new battery spot welder can cause you over $200.

Did you know that you can save yourself from spending too much money? With materials that are inexpensive and readily available at your local store or even inside your home, you can easily create your very own battery spot welder. With simple materials comes a straightforward method of construction for a DIY battery spot welder. 

There’s no need for sewing pedals, transformers, and complicated wiring setup. With just a flick of the switch, you can weld nickel to your battery packs remarkably with the least amount of sparks. What’s more is that you can even customize it for better soldering results. For the complete demonstration and explanation, watch this video.

Image source: darkkevind

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