How To Build A Belt Grinder Using Scrap From Gym Equipment.

With raw materials dwindling and running out fast, it’s only right that we recycle everything that can be recycled. Being a DIY fanatic, you should be familiar with this. Instead of buying new parts and materials, it should be your instinct to scour the local junkshop first and scavenge for recyclables.

The key here is imagination and being resourceful. You can transform old junk into new tools or equipment if you just put in a bit of thinking out of the box. These scrap parts are just waiting to be given a new life by transforming them into new things.

Like this project, for example. Who would have known that you can transform an old treadmill motor and a workout bench into a belt grinder? And that’s what the author will show you in this DIY tutorial video. The gym might be an unlikely source for scrap, but you’ll be surprised with the end result.

Image source: mikemanmade

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