[Video] Forgot Your Knife Sharpener After Driving Miles Away From Home? This Simple Trick Can Be Your Sub.

Depending on the material, your knife must be sharpened as frequently as possible, particularly before you use it in order to ensure that the edge is razor sharp. The heavier the cutting or slicing activity, the more frequently it must be sharpened. In this way, its usability remains over time.

In buying a knife (or a set of it), some companies have a sharpener that comes with it. When bought on its own, knife sharpeners are relatively expensive, and, to put it frankly, unnecessary, since there is a lot of cheaper and handier substitutes that can deliver the same results.

From ceramics, river rocks, to another knife, knife sharpener substitutes can be easily found in your kitchen, in your garden, and even in your vehicle! Even if you forgot your knife sharpener as you go hunting or camping, you can use the stuff around you to make a safer alternative.

source: deermeatfordinner

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