This Easy Technique Will Help You Glue Wood Pieces Together to Create Thick Blocks.

Gluing pieces of wood together can be useful, especially in projects that involve making furniture. But one of the problems that comes up whenever you’re gluing pieces of wood together is when the wood pieces slide away from each other, due to the slipperiness of freshly applied glue. What’s more, when those pieces of wood are glued incorrectly, it affects not just the aesthetics of the project, but also the quality and durability of the area where you’re putting these glued pieces of wood.

If you want to learn how to glue pieces of wood correctly to create thick pieces, this tutorial would come in handy. The presenter, Nick Ferry, shows his own technique. First, he spreads glue onto the surfaces of the wooden pieces. Next, after putting the pieces together, he uses clamps to keep the pieces in place. To see how he does this, go watch the video.

Image source: Nick Ferry

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