How To Make A Magnet Levitate Using Bismuth Crystals!

Diamagnetic levitation is a process in which non-magnetic materials, such as wood, diamonds, water, plants and many more are used to make magnetic materials such as iron levitate. Bismuth is one of the elements that are extremely diamagnetic, which means that they create their own magnetic field opposing the magnetic field applied to them externally. Bismuth reacts to magnets in the opposite way as iron, pushing them away from it.

In this video, the creator made a prototype in which 2 bismuth crystals will be used to perform diamagnetic levitation. One bismuth crystal on top, a little space in between will be provided for the iron to be place, and another bismuth crystal at the bottom. The project will be supported by thread rods and a couple of wooden blocks.

One of the challenges that will be encountered in this project is achieving the proper spacing between the bismuth crystals. Placing them too far apart will make the magnet in between stick on top, or not levitate at all.

Image source: NightHawkInLight

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