[Video] Turn Your Scrap Pipes And Nuts Into A Usable Box/Tube/Socket Wrench.

If your box wrench broke and you need to use one, you can craft it using some tools found in your garage. All you need are a GI pipe, flange nuts, and a stainless round bar. First, you need to pound the edges of the pipe to make smaller endings, but make sure that you still maintain its roundness. Second, you fit in the nuts on both sides and continue to pound the ends to give shape on the inner part of the tube. Last, drill a hole in the middle of the pipe and insert a stainless round bar, secure the ends of the bar, and you’re good to go.

This DIY box wrench works just the same as the original one. The stainless bar serves as a handle, and it’s easier to rotate because of its small size. It is sturdier and doesn’t rust easily.

If you have those extra pipes and nuts, you can make your own box wrench. It is not time-consuming, and it will save you more money. Check out the video for more information about material specification and have a glimpse of the DIY box wrench in action.

source: Sek Austria

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