DIY Tutorial: How To Create Your Own Braided Design Using Cartridge Rods.

The thing about working with steel is that you can create a variety of things with it as long as you have the right tools to help you. One of the projects you can do with different types of metals is to forge handles you can place in furniture, doors, or even as ornaments in different parts of the home.

Indeed, the possibilities of steel are endless that you can even braid them! Gary Huston from YouTube has shown how he used cartridge rods and turned it into a handle with a braided design. You can use this as an ornament, or as an aesthetically pleasing handle that you use in different kinds of projects.

This project requires you to have two cartridge rods (one cut at 30 inches, while the other is cut at 32 inches), a torch for heating the rods, and a few other materials that you can find in the video posted on the next page.

Image source: Gary Huston

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