[Video] Make A Bucket Mouse And Rat Trap Easy And Budget Friendly.

And Get Rid Of More Than 1 Mice At A Time.

Tired of catching mice one at a time? Tired of all the hassles trying to set the traps? How about building a better mouse trap? One that is self resetting has no poisons, and best of all can be built from stuff that you already have. Even better, you can build it in a matter of minutes.

The bucket mouse trap catches many mice in a single trap and does not need to be reset between mice. It’s also so simple to make that you probably already have all the parts needed lying around your garage.

Are you sick of setting mouse traps only to be outsmarted by the mice? Are you sick of resetting the trap after every catch? Here is a better, easier way to catch these vermin. Let’s introduce you to the bucket trap in this awesome video.


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One thought on “[Video] Make A Bucket Mouse And Rat Trap Easy And Budget Friendly.

  • November 19, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Terrific idea. I think I’ll try this in my garage. We have woodrats out there. They spring all the standard rat traps we’ve put out and stole all the bait (also peanut butter.)


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