Melt Aluminum Cans Easily By Building This DIY Aluminum Foundry.

How to Build an Aluminum Foundry! — by Heath Putnam’. Did you know that you can sell aluminum cans for a higher price? You can do this by converting them into aluminum ingots. Instead of having someone else do the melting for you, why not try building your own DIY aluminum foundry?  It won’t cost a lot, plus it gets the job done. Watch the video posted below for the tutorial and the materials you’ll need.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Heath Putnam’.


Watch as I build a foundry for melting aluminum. Melt cans using charcoal and a hair dryer! Melt aluminum cans and scrap into ingots! Light weight! I do not recommend you try this… It can be dangerous!!….Heath Putnam

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Image source: YouTube.

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