Building A Ground Level Deck? Here’s How.

Are you tired of that concrete slab deck you have in your patio or backyard? Have you always thought that wood looks much better and cooler during summer? Well, this might be the project you have been looking for — a ground level deck.

Maybe you have been planning to replace that old concrete deck for a long time but just don’t know how to begin. This video should be able to help you start that dream project of yours. The main material is wood so it’s easier to work with because of the weight.

You’ll need your basic woodworking skills for this project. It will start of course with you breaking down the existing concrete deck until nothing is left but the ground. Measure the area on which to put your deck and come up with a design. In this DIY video tutorial, the presenter will show you how it should be done.

Image source: Craig Heffernan

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