Making A Powerful Line Actuator Using Windshield Wipers And Car Jack.

Linear actuators have many applications. It can be used in places where linear movement or straight movement is needed, such as pushing and even pulling. Because of the versatility and broadness of application of linear actuators, multiple brands and models exist. In this video, the presenter used his DIY actuator to function as a manipulator for the robot he was building.

The price range of a linear actuator can vary depending on size, power, and type. It can easily cost you around $40 up to $250. It can be a good idea to salvage motors and turn them into actuators instead of buying one. In this video, the presenter salvaged a windshield motor to convert it into a linear actuator.

Together with the windshield motor, the presenter added car jacks to build the “linear tube” part of the actuator. The process of building the actuator didn’t take a lot of time.

Image source: The Post Apocalyptic Inventor

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