Building A Shed? Check Out This DIY And Save Money On Prefab Kits.

It’s not always wise to get a prefab kit if you’re planning on building a shed. This builder shares his experience building the Heartland Stratford 12 foot by 8 foot shed he bought from Lowes. He got it on sale and was somewhat satisfied with the price. But if he had to build another shed, it is likely that he’ll avoid prefab kits and would opt to start from scratch.

The video author saved money from the prefab kit which he got on sale from Lowes, however, it cost him so much time and effort. The poor quality of the lumber that came with the kit made him build the shed’s foundation from scratch. It wasted his time and energy.

If you’re thinking of getting a prefab kit to build your shed, watch this video before spending any money on it. It’ll help you decide if prefab kits is the best option for you or if you’re better off building from scratch.

Image source: Eric Sorensen

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