14 Easy To Learn Knots For Camping.

Remember your scouting days when you had to camp out in the woods and learn how to tie knots? It wouldn’t seem too important to you that time. Just another task you should accomplish to get that scouting badge. But each of those knots serves a specific purpose.

When you are out camping with friends or family, don’t you wish you memorized those knots so you can teach your kids or even do a little bragging? It’s not too late to learn them again with this tutorial video. You will be tying those knots again like a pro in no time.

The author will show you how to do the half hitch and the two half hitches, clove hitch, square knot, taut line, slip clove hitch, bowline, figure eight knot, prusik, sheet bend and double sheet bend, canoeman’s knot which is also called the Highwayman’s knot and the constrictor knots.

Image source: Jason Eke

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