Instant Car Makeover: DIY Vinyl-Wrapping Your Car Rims!

Have you grown tired of looking at the same old rims of your car? Or maybe, they’re just really plain-looking (and boring) to begin with? If this is how you’ve been feeling then, it’s definitely time to change the look of your wheels.

As opposed to having it professionally done, painting your car rims yourself to change its color will definitely save you a lot — a hundred dollars at least. The only problem with paint, however, is that it can be permanent.

If you don’t want that, then we give you another solution — the use of “vinyl” for changing the color of your car rims! All you need is some patience (as you have to do the steps 4 times) and also a few materials: vinyl sheets for the 4 wheels, hand gloves, a heat gun or blow dryer, and a utility knife.

Image source: Down4z

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