Instant Car Makeover: DIY Vinyl-Wrapping Your Car Rims!

Vinyl wrapping car rims — by ‘Down4z’. As shown in the video, a little creativity goes a long way. Vinyl-wrapping your car rims is also faster, easier, more affordable, and allows for more design options. There are vinyl-wrapping services out there but after having watched the video, you probably are just going to DIY, aren’t you? This project isn’t just satisfying and productive; it’s also a great budget buster!

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Down4z’.


Wrapping the rims gold (selfmade) Dotz Mugello the rims belong to a peugeot 106 sport and are 15 inches tall The screws were simply painted with metallic paint…Down4z

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Image source: YouTube.

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