Bet You Don’t Know These Things About the Carpenter’s Pencil.

Have you ever wondered why the carpenter’s pencil is flat? The common answer is so that the pencil rests smack on the ear while you’re working on your project. You might be right about that but there’s more to its design and dimensions than meets the eye.

The carpenter’s pencil has a unique design — unlike the common pencil which has a cylindrical shape, it has flat surfaces so it doesn’t roll away when you place it on an inclined surface. This ensures that you’ll always have your pencil where you left it.

What about the dimensions of the carpenter’s pencil? Why is it always the same whatever brand you buy? That’s so it can be used for measuring. Take a ruler and measure the width of the pencil. It’s always half an inch. Meanwhile, the thickness is always a quarter of an inch. Want to know more cool things about the carpenter’s pencil? Watch the video.

Image source: seejanedrill

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