Removing And Reapplying Caulk On Your Bath Tub In An Hour.

Old caulk is just plain ugly — not to mention that mold tends to grow on them over time. Thankfully, you can easily replace caulk, and you don’t need a lot of time to do so. Working on it will be faster if you have all the tools used in the video.

This is another video from the great Leah of See Jane Drill. This time, she instructs you on how to replace bathtub caulk. The caulk replacement took her around 30 minutes up to an hour. The steps she took were to remove the old caulk by scarping; then taping the area to be caulked; caulking; and removing the tape.

For this project, you will need compressed air, a razor blade scraper, a rotary tool or popularly known as Dremel, and a scraper. Those are the initial tools that you will use to remove the preexisting caulk. Then you need to have masking tape or painter’s tape. For the caulking, you will need silicone, gloves, a silicone gun, and a clean plastic spoon.

Image source: seejanedrill

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