Learn An Amazing Chain Saw Hack For Stump Removal!

A chainsaw is a type of power saw that cuts using a set of teeth attached on a chain rotating along the edge of a blade. It is widely used in limbing, pruning, tree felling, bucking, harvesting firewood and cutting firebreaks during a wildland fire suppression. It can also be used in cutting through different types of materials such as wood, metals, concrete and ice (specialized type of chainsaws).

It has several parts such as the engine, drive mechanism, guide bar, tensioning mechanism and other safety features. These parts heavily depend on the type and brand of the chainsaw, and has different variations.

In this video, it will be demonstrated how to create a stump removal tool using a chainsaw. Several parts will be added to the chainsaw to extend its functions. This hack can enable the chainsaw to be used for log home builders. Watch this video to learn more and start building!

Image source: Made in Poland

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