How To Make A Circular Saw Track To Cut Perfectly Straight!

A circular saw is a power tool that has a toothed or abrasive blade to cut different kinds of materials such as wood, plastic, metal or masonry in a rotary motion. Circular saws can be hand-held or mounted on a table or machine.

It can be difficult to make long and straight cuts using this kind of saw. One of the methods used to overcome the challenge is making a circular saw track. This track serves as a guide for the circular saw to help you make straight and accurate cuts.

It is mostly identical to a table saw, but it should be noted that it is not a replacement to this tool. It provides the same function solely for cutting long stretches of sheets and wood boards. The track will be clamped down and the saw will do most of the work. It is a tool built to provide more efficiency in using a circular saw. Watch the video to learn how to build your own circular saw track and make your next cuts perfectly straight!

Image source: Mr. Make Deswal

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