Beat The Heat With This Solar-Powered Homemade Copper Coil Ice Chest Air Cooler.

Global warming has caused a serious flaw in the weather system of the world today. Even if it isn’t summer yet, the heat can rise up to searing levels that one just has to find an air-conditioner to keep cool. But the sad reality is that when people use more air-conditioners to cool ourselves down, the more people contribute to global warming, and so on. It’s a vicious cycle.

Still, you can’t just bear the grueling hot days without something to cool yourself down. Can a hand-held fan cool you down? Yes, but there are better solutions, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast.

You can actually make your own air cooler from a couple of things you can find in your workshop. It’s easy, cheap, and safe. An added bonus: You’re not hurting Mother Earth because it’s solar-powered! How cool is that? Take note of the things you need to gather and start working on your new air cooler today.

Image source: desertsun02

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