Find Out How Copper Reacts To Strong Magnets!

Copper is a type of metal with very high electrical conductivity. It is mostly used in conductors and electrical circuits. Its conductivity is not just the highlight, it also has an interesting reaction to magnets! Copper is not magnetic, so how will it react with a magnet or around a magnetic field?

When a magnet is placed near copper, it causes the electrons in the copper to rearrange themselves in a circular motion perpendicular to the magnet or magnetic field. These electrons resist the change that the magnet caused by producing their own temporary magnetic field. The energy gathered by their interaction is dissipated into heat, which makes the copper warmer as it interacts with the magnet.

This experiment is proof to Lenz Law and Faraday’s Law of Induction. Electricity and magnetism are closely related to each other, and their interaction produces the power that we use in our daily lives. Watch this video to see how copper reacts to strong magnets, and the other applications of electromagnetism.

Image source: NightHawkInLight

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